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Must climb!
Sunday, January 13, 2013 | 0 Note (s)!

Zebra's stripes! yeah..on my body. ==' 
i went swimming at Penampang Sports Complex with AY members from church today. 
it was so much fun & awesome! yeah..who don't enjoy playing with water? kan kan kan?
tu sj la..i got tanned on the exposed skin. :D

hehe..anyway, we've been planning some activities for this year. one of them is to conquer Mount Kinabalu. so the swimming part is as some kind of training/preparation to climb it.
 Yup! i've been living here in Sabah for almost 22 years & yet i haven't climb the tallest mountain in South East Asia. it the tallest or one of the tallest in SEA..coz i've read some articles saying that it is not the tallest mountain in SEA but rather a top 5 tallest. 
well umm...whichever it is, i am still going to climb it. :D

Mount Kinabalu, wait for me! :D

till then..

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