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Three in a row! B.I.G | Sports Day | S.B.E
Sunday, March 04, 2012 | 4 Note (s)!

updating: currently at Keningau.

Hello readers.. :) 
these past few weeks were very tough, tiring, yet fun to me.
first, we have our BIG (Bina Insan Guru) at Kem Malangang, Kiulu for 4 days. was really fun! especially the White Water Rafting. 
hohoho...but yeah..of course, the sun was jealous and that it burns our skin. XD
[20 March-23 March]
my boatmates & our rafter guide

hoho..jgn jeles.. XD

mode: excited

crossing a river
The week after BIG was the Sports Day for IPG Kampus Gaya. 
i had participated in 200, 4x100m, and Javelin throw.
hoho..i only won the 4x100m race (with the help of my team, we won GOLD medal for it) 
result : skin gets darker ;(
nevertheless, i had a wonderful experience though.. :)
[29 Feb-01 March]
ellye, keynut, & me. at Gaya's field

Perdana's awesome marching team. XD at Likas Stadium.

Then...right after sports day ended..
School Based Experience come.
i can say that there are 7 heavy assignments in line.
*sigh* most of it needs to be handed in after the semester break..
that should explain why i'm at Keningau now.
however, i'm so excited about this SBE thingy. XD
can't wait to conduct Piaget's test on the children..
hoho...and above all..
im looking forward to dine at the school canteen. hohohoho... (evil laf) XD

This is my first SBE and im gonna do it at SJKC YUK YIN.
To all my friends who doing SBE tomorrow....
hehe...let's do our best in this task.

p/s: wait 4 the next updates! :)

till next time...

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