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Memorable time at SJKC Yuk Yin
Friday, March 09, 2012 | 0 Note (s)!

Yeay....! Finally, our School Based Experience is done. 
Time is flying too fast when you're at school. It's like it's only yesterday we come to the school.
Today is our last day in SJKC Yuk Yin. 
i really want to write about the days before, but i can't transfer the pics to my lappy.
Huhu..feel a lil' bit sad though. 
I and my friend had so much fun at the school. Especially when conducting the Piaget's test to the students.
there were so many different result we get. The administers of the school were also giving their very best in helping us to complete our task.

we also entered class to monitor the students during exam. Hohoho..some naughty students try to cheat.
asking for answers and looking at each others' paper..
then, we took a relief class with Year 6 Kuning students. 
we conducted two activities with them.
Chicken dance & story telling.

they were so noisy, shouting here and there, some were ignoring us, hiding under the table.. 
and i'm like... okay...I SURRENDER.O_O ba diam2 la..
my voice can't overcome theirs. my friend is the only one shouting, trying to get the students attention.
hoho..even if i say something, they wouldn't pay attention to me. 
coz i only speak either malay or english.
*sigh*...some students try to talk to me. but then, they turned to my friend instead.
huhu..poor me. i can't communicate in Mandarin. :'(
haha..a lot of funny incidents happen due to it though. 

Another unforgettable moment is that feeling when the students greet and respect you.. :)
it melted my heart. aiseh..hehe..

ba..itu sija la. short entry. 
kmu tgk la gmbr puas..
i present to you SJKC Yuk Yin! ;)

DAY 1: Welcome to SJKC Yuk Yin!

DAY 1: walking around the school...suddenly we found this. hehe

DAY 1: visiting the Dental Clinic.. 

DAY 1: Outide the library

DAY 1: bitt thing & i

DAY 1: peeking into a class..hehe  


DAY 2: Bitt Thing & I with two cute students. hehe

DAY 2: taking the height of the student

DAY 2: conducting Piaget's test on cognitive development

DAY 3: class 3 Hijau during exam. the class i entered. :)

DAY 3: Piaget's test at the library

DAY 3: Relief class at class 6 Kuning. they're doing Story Telling activity.

DAY 4: Friendly students :) they're doing NILAM programme at the library.

DAY 4: Interview with the Head Mistress

DAY 4: the other teacher trainee from other IP.
me & bitt thing at the back..enjoying our lunch. XD

DAY 5: with Mr Alex in class 1 Ungu

DAY 5: with Donna. my subject for Linguistics task. :)
DAY 5: Last day of SBE
bitt thing, me, & xue fen. gumuk sda. XD

                                                                      till next time..

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