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Goodbye PPISMP!
Friday, November 18, 2011 | 0 Note (s)!

at Tanjung Aru beach with TESL G1

Today is the last day for me in campus. emm..not actually, still am goin' back here next year.
Hee..well, i joined PPISPM in 28 June last year.
and it seems like just yesterday.
Thanks God i manage to finish PPISMP programme,
am proud with myself because am able to come this far..
although, in the beginning..i've completely have no interest in teaching profession.
i hope i can pass my final exam with flying colours & continue study to degree program (PISMP).
Lord, do bless me..& my friends. Amen!
me,cece, & ellye during Teacher's Day celebration.

me & Abdul Salam, at Sk.Merintaman.
Hoho..3 semesters in campus are indeed a great time to learn new things, gain more experiences, make new friends, meet different type of people.. >.<
well, i've made myself a wonderful bitter sweet memories during the past 3 semester.
me & my classmates...& other friends from church..

i've stepped my foot in kundasang, nabawan, keningau..emm..and so much more!
sunset at Kinabalu Park.

with Sofie during Sport time.
hehe..i also consider this year is the worst year i ever lived..
yeah..that's the bitter part. :)
nevertheless, am lookin' forward to make more memories in the years ahead. 

 Plans for holiday?
emm..i haven't think 'bout it yet. maybe i'll just stay at home, watch anime, movie, practice violin,
eat, sleep..bathe.. BOOOORING...!
hehe..just wait & see.
 Oya..maybe this is my last entry for this year..due to some inevitable problem..
poor me.. =(  hehe..

so, i wish you all a happy holiday, make yourself a great memories with friends & family, take a good care of yourself, and may God bless us. :)

till next time...

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