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Thursday, October 27, 2011 | 4 Note (s)!

Today is Thursday.
Tomorrow is Friday. is almost over..
And i haven't study yet..die.

Anyway..hehe, this time,this moment..
hereby, i officially announce to you my 1st & new violin!

this is my baby, Tyler. 
why Tyler?
i named my violin after one of the character in Vampire Diaries.
He is sooooooooo handsome, charming..& i like his smile.
(jadi kaitan?) =.='

I receive my baby on October 1st, 2011.
well, as i tried to tune my baby this afternoon..yeah, i wanted to play some nonsense notes.
i accidently pulled the E string too tight and guess what?
Yaaa...2 string tputus! 
and i'm like...  'Oh s**t!'

automatically i knew that my money would fly again..

haha..was off to Kara & bought a new string.
well, i grabbed a pitch pipe along for violin tuner. $ left..but it's okay, i'll do anything to save my baby.

me & tyler with new E string. :D
Phew! What a day...
hehe..well, i say knowledge comes with experiences. 
so, hopefully after this, i'll be able to tune Tyler without screwing him.

till next time..


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