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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | 0 Note (s)!

God, teach me how to pray because..

There will come the times in life where i need to choose a path to travel on. 
Sometimes, it is too hard for me to decide which way should we take. For me, i'm afraid that i'm not ready to face the consequences of my choices. Well, future is scary & ambiguous.
Sometimes, it's an irony and it really hurts when thing doesn't go the way i wanted. True story. :) 
When there are so many troubles, pain, and dilemma i faced as  an adult  a young adult, i feel like i wanna go back to my childhood, where skinned knees are easier to heal than a broken heart..
less responsibilities to bear..
and plenty time to play.

Some says that age comes with responsibility.
Well, i think that is true. More & more responsibilities i need to take as i grow up.
 More paths will appear,
 many choices will have to be made,
 & the hardest it will be to make a decision.
A perfect, best decision that may determine a perfect, best future of mine.
But sometimes, i just don't understand why this particular person is trying to run away from the responsibility.
Does responsibility is too much to take? Is it too heavy to bear?
Hey, what goes around comes around!. isn't it? :)
So, why not we just accept the fact and face the outcome from our actions.
Fair enough, right?

Some people says "Just follow the flow". But, bear this in mind.
There will be no flow if there is no decision made.
Am i right? :)

Well, God is the Mr. Know Everything. He knows what's the best for us. Like i mentioned before, sometimes, things happened out of our expectation..That is the best for us although it may disappoint us. True story. :)
learn to believe Him and depend on Him when troubles come on my way.

May God bless. (^___^)
Till next time..


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