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The Moment of Truth
Tuesday, August 02, 2011 | 0 Note (s)!

Today, I realise something. Something that hurt me most but i guess that's the best for me. 

I came to realise that I've WASTED my love to the WRONG PERSON who DOESN'T even KNOW how to VALUE it.
 Well yeah.. I've been so stupid to give that person a second chance to hurt me. Thanks God, today I'm able to move on and let go the past. :)

To be true, I hope you regret for ruining my life, for smashing my dream, and for what you've done to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! (in sarcastic tone). Well yeah..don't worry, I'm happy for both of you. I just realise that I deserve someone better than you. Awww~ isn't that great? haha.. :D

These past few months, I think that I'm not strong enough and will never be strong to let that person go. But today, God gave me more than enough strength to do that. ^_^ Thanks Lord! You also gave me the sweet friends ever. 
To my beloved friends, THANK YOU for being there when I need you most. THANKS for the support & advices. Really appreciate them. 

These are some quotes from Twitter that help me to move on. Check it out!
~Grow stronger from the pain, don't let it destroy you.

~When I love, i gave my all! But if the person I love betrays me, I'm done. I refuse to waste my time!

~The footprints of your life are made by you and God. Trust HIM and keep moving!
~I'd rather be something in someone else's life than nothing in yours.

~A woman’s heart should be so lost in God that a man must seek Him in order to find her.

*~Just because I'm losing a battle, doesn't mean I'm losing the war.

~Everyone will get hurt but to be's always an option.

~Forget someone in your past. God has a reason why he is not in your future. 

Credit to Twitter. :P

Hey, today..I'm a new person! :) 
p/s: God will fix your broken heart if you give all the pieces to Him. 



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