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Holiday vs Assignments
Friday, August 05, 2011 | 0 Note (s)!

Whoaaa! Assignments had started comin' in for this sem. On Monday next week, I'll have to pass up P.Moral assignment. And on the following Friday, assignment for English Study must be submitted. Well yeah..i should start doin' that this time, in this second..and stop decorating blog and facebookin'.. (yala tue..)
Oh..please! I wanna go back home tomorrow..and forget all the works. I just wanna run from my hectic life and enjoy a little relaxation at home. But...but...assignments, why do you have to be pass up on Monday??? :( Guess i'll have to do it at home. Boringgg....

Huhu..actually i don't like doin' last minute works but hey, i really can't resist it. =.=' Plus, my brain refuse to work unless the task is needed to be submitted tomorrow. know, when I burn the midnight oil to finish the assignment, many ideas are keep pouring..and pouring.. and that's why I still can finish it on time. (^_*) And can imagine the quality of it. (O.o)

Dakara..(uisehh..bhsa jepun jap..haha)..i want to be RAJIN! Okay...after gonna...........SLEEP!
Haha..dear assignment..I'll meet you again tomorrow,ok? ok. :D

p/s: I think i need a vacation. Huhu..i wanna go to Cattle Farm, Kundasang. I wanna see the cows..drink free milk..take pic with amazing background and feel the cold breeze. XD 
      Nite peeps! 


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